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Why Fluoride is Important for Your Oral Health

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It is possible that you’ve heard of fluoride in relation to your toothpaste or your water supply. This mineral actually exists in all water supplies naturally, including the ocean! That said, federal health officials recommend fluoridating water to improve your oral health, much like how certain foods are fortified for our benefit — such as iodine in salt and Vitamin D in milk. But how exactly is fluoride beneficial to you and your oral health? Turns out, there are a few reasons!

1. Fluoride helps your children to grow strong teeth.

When children drink fluoridated water from a young age, the fluoride is able to enter their bloodstream as their teeth begin to form. Therefore, it plays an integral part in the fortification of their permanent teeth. This means that they’ll have strong adult teeth that will be less prone to dental decay.

2. Fluoride prevents tooth decay.

Fluoride is absorbed by the dental enamel, or the protective outer shell of your tooth. Once it is absorbed, the fluoride goes to work in restoring your tooth’s calcium and phosphorous levels, making themm harder and stronger. By making your teeth stronger with fluoride, you’re less susceptible to dental decay. Fluoride even stops the process of dental decay in its tracks.

3. Fluoride can save you big money in dental care.

Studies have shown that cities with fluoride in the water actually saved quite a lot of money in dental care. According to a study conducted by the CDC, in communities with over 20,000 people, every $1 that goes toward fluoridating the water results in a savings of $38 in dental care costs! On average, individuals would save anywhere from $16 to $19. Therefore, by getting adequate levels of fluoride, you could save yourself quite a bit of money in the long term.

So How Do I Get Fluoride?

Are you getting enough fluoride to protect your teeth? If not, there are a few ways to resolve the issue.

  • Drink your community’s fluoridated water. In many cases, the water in your tap is already fluoridated. This means all you need to do is ensure you’re drinking enough water every day. If you’re not certain if your community has fluoridated water, be sure to check out your state department of health’s website. If there isn’t fluoride in your water, never fear. There are ways to get more into your system.
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash. Before buying a toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride and has the ADA Seal of Acceptance! Then, simply brush your teeth twice a day and use your fluoride rinse daily. This is proven to reduce your risk of cavities and could help fortify your teeth in the long term.
  • Discuss your options with your dentist at Oak Park Dental Group. If your teeth are at greater risk for decay due to lack of fluoride, your dentist will be able to help! Whether you receive a fluoride treatment in the office or discuss the possibilities of a fluoride supplement, we’ll make sure that you get on track to having healthier, stronger teeth.

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