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4 Reasons You Grind Your Teeth

Old habits die hard. We’ve all got traits, characteristics, and habits that we’ve carried around for years, and some are more beneficial than others. Your daily morning jog is a vital component to your health, but maybe you’ve never been able to shake the habit of biting your nails when times are stressful. For many … Continued

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Orthodontist

There are certain doctors you visit much more often than others, like seeing your general practitioner for your annual physical or a common cold. Seeing your dentist once or twice a year is routine for most people, but occasionally we need to see a specialist for more advanced dental issues. Oral surgeons can help when … Continued

5 Things Your Oral Surgeon Wants You to Know

It’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous about your upcoming oral surgery. The best way to ease your anxiety, however, is to ask questions and feel prepared for the big day. To put some of your fears to rest, check out some of these five tips your surgeon would want you to know before … Continued

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