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6 Ways That Stress May Affect Your Oral Health

It is well known that stress can cause a number of health issues, such as poor nutrition and lack of sleep. Therefore, it is probably no surprise to you that stress can affect your oral health as well! Here are just a few of the ways that stress can cause damage to your teeth, gums, … Continued

How to Take Care of Your Braces

While braces are an excellent, proven method to align your teeth and give you a beautiful smile, they do require a bit more maintenance to ensure your mouth remains in good health. To keep your braces and your smile in good condition, be sure to follow these four easy steps. 1. Brush your teeth thoroughly. … Continued

Want Whiter Teeth? You May Want to Avoid These Five Foods…

Nothing makes a better first impression than a pearly white smile. Unfortunately, there are a number of foods and beverages that could be ruining your beautiful smile without your knowledge! Whether you’re preparing for an interview or getting ready for a big event, be sure to avoid eating these known stain-causing foods. 1. Berries While … Continued

Why Fluoride is Important for Your Oral Health

It is possible that you’ve heard of fluoride in relation to your toothpaste or your water supply. This mineral actually exists in all water supplies naturally, including the ocean! That said, federal health officials recommend fluoridating water to improve your oral health, much like how certain foods are fortified for our benefit — such as … Continued

7 Ways to Keep Your Toothbrush in Good Condition

Brushing your teeth is the most critical part of your dental hygiene routine. It allows you to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and a variety of other oral health issues. However, if your toothbrush is worn from use or covered in harmful bacteria, you may not be benefitting from it as much as you could be. … Continued

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